Propex has a wide variety of geotextiles that aid in reinforcing soils used for the construction of embankments, slopes and retaining structures. Whether it's an embankment over soft soils, a highway slope, or a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall, Propex's team of engineers will work closely with you to find a solution. Propex's geotextiles ensure that time and money are saved.

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Geotex For Soil Reinforcement


Engineering Bulletins

EB-604 Tensile Tests for Geotextiles
EB-611 Geosynthetic Sewn Seams


Construction Specifications

31 34 19 - Embankment Reinforcement
32 32 34 - Wrapped Face Retaining Wall
32 32 23 - Segmental Retaining Wall
31 34 19 - Steepend Slopes